Moving people forward.

This was the first step for us. This is the first step for you.

A journal that combines simplicity with purpose. Buy 3.  Achieve more.

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The business

Our mission is to motivate. To drive people forward. To dream.

It started with 3™.

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The founder

Michael Girolametto

Athlete. Accountant. Setback. Comeback.

"It was learning to focus on the little things, the small but significant daily details, that brought me back to life."

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Three Goals

  • write them down

    Wake up every morning and make a promise to yourself.  I will.

  • get them done

    Hold yourself accountable - finish what you said you would.  I will.

  • keep going

    No magic techniques, no shortcuts.  Do what matters most, every single day.   I will.

The future


by Lametto Rose

A comprehensive athletic training software that maximizes performance, while minimizing the amount of manual user input and screen-time.

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