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Why 3?

We wake up every day with little dreams in our heads.

  • “I’m going to apply to my dream job”
  • "I'm going to break that bad habit"
  • "I’m going to start working out at the gym on a regular basis"
  • "I’m going to bring lunch to work every day instead of eating out”
  • "I’m going to set aside one hour in my day to meditate”
  • “I’m going to create a budget and stick to it”
  • “I’m going to pick-up a new hobby”
  • “I’m going to spend more quality time with friends and family”
  • “I’m going to travel to new places”
  • “I’m going to read a book and learn something new every month”
  • “I’m going to pay off my debt”

Now take a moment and reflect on how often you make these plans in your head, but at days-end you've managed to instead do one of two things:

1. Absolutely nothing.

2. Absolutely everything except the things that truly mattered.

It’s human nature to dream, but it’s also human nature to procrastinate and make excuses. So, what if you had a tool that empowered you to accomplish the three things that mattered most every day?

3™ challenges you to take control of your life by writing down three attainable goals. These should be goals that you can complete in a single day, starting with your goal of primary importance. From this foundation of smaller goals, you will then be able to actively pursue the larger long-term goals you had once thought daunting and impossible. 

So, why 3? 

The number 3 is powerful - it is a symbol of strength.  Strength breeds success.  People who use 3™ have chosen to align themselves with their goals. 

3™ is symbolic of your drive to succeed.

Achieve more with 3™.