The 3™ Journal is restocked. It's time to write down your goals, crush them, and enjoy the feelings that come with it.

The founder

I was mentally and physically broken in 2016 after suffering three concussions within three months of each other. To this day, I have never felt closer to giving up in my entire life. Blurred vision, disturbing OCD, panic attacks, dissociation.. I can't even start to explain how dark it was.

Six months deep into (what turned out to be) more than a two year recovery process, I had just finished my second appointment at a concussion clinic in London Ontario, Canada. At the appointment, I explained my most severe symptoms (mentioned above) to the clinician, and how they had not gotten any better since the first visit. She said to me, "at this point if they haven't started getting better, they're not going to. You just need to learn how to live with them."
A year and a half later, I managed to prove her wrong - but at the time when I was already so beaten down, that was one of the most painful sentences I ever had the joys of hearing.  As I walked home from the clinic, and I remember this all to well, I broke out into awful tears, laughing and crying at the same time because I realized that this, this very moment, was my rock bottom. There is a strange sense of freedom that comes with that feeling. I had nothing left to lose. All I could do was fight my way back up.
I got home, opened up a blank journal, and wrote down: "You have brought me to my knees, but I will stand tall again."
This, was my turning point. I went on a mission.
I found two new incredible concussion specialists who taught me about every little aspect that affected my recovery, I got obsessed with these little recovery details (meditation, medication, nutrition, patience, specialized stretching to improve blood-flow and neural pathways into the brain). I combined and applied their knowledge daily, for a year and a half. I re-enrolled in university, got back into working out, and in 2018, deemed myself fully recovered. 
Since then, I've promised to apply this wholistic, disciplined, educated recovery process to every future challenge I face.
In 2019, I created the 3™ journal as a way to hold myself accountable. Every day, I write down three promises to myself - three tasks, goals, or affirmations - three little aspects of my day that, if abided by, I will finish my day feeling proud. Ahead.
Since I've started using 3™, I have seen some major personal successes that make me proud.
In March 2020, I attended my first sprint track cycling event - the Ontario Provincial Championships - and came third. This landed me a spot inside the Cycling Canada development pathway. At 26, I am now one of the oldest athlete's to be training with with the OCA/CC high performance team. It is never too late to chase a dream. Mine is to represent Team Canada at the 2024 Olympics.
In September 2020, I passed the CFE. The CFE is the culmination of the rigorous two-year graduate-level CPA program. The exam not only includes important accounting disciplines like finance, governance, strategy, and assurance, but also evaluates professional skills such as critical analysis, decision-making, and professional judgment. I cried when I found out I passed.
So, who am I? I am an Athlete. An Accountant. I am a man who broke, fixed himself, and through the ups and downs that life inevitably continues to throw at me, I am a man who promised himself to never give up. To keep moving forward.
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-Michael Girolametto
Founder, Lametto Rose Inc.