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The founder

My name is Michael Girolametto Prosen. I don’t believe in doing anything half-way - I am what my friends call an all or nothing personality. I started this company to act as an extension of who I am. 3 is just the beginning, for me, for you, and for Lametto Rose. 

I have always found value in writing things down. In the past, I used a journal that included a lot of reading about special habit building tools and techniques. I found myself ignoring them. All I used was the prioritized task list where I would write down my tasks or goals for the day. This is what sparked my idea for 3.

When I wake up, I sit down with a coffee and write down three things that will get me closer to where I want to be. Sometimes I miss a day or two, but I try not to.
My three daily goals usually look something like this:
1. Ride bike - speed intervals.  Make sure to push 100% effort.
2. Work on Lametto Rose - reach out to minimum 2 new marketing partners.
3. Go to bed on time to get at least 7hrs sleep and wake up early.
Once I write them down, I consider it a promise to myself.  I find it helps me hold myself accountable for making the changes I want to see in myself and in my endeavours. 
I have dreams to succeed in track cycling.
I have aspirations to continuously improve my state of mind.
I have goals for growing this company.
This is my step one.
Founder photo
-Michael Girolametto
Founder, Lametto Rose Inc.