About us

Lametto Rose is a side business run by an athlete and an accountant.

Our business model is basic: Produce value for ourselves; share it with the world.

3™ was our step one - a morning launch pad to help our customers achieve their goals, stay on track, and be proud of their progress. It remains a vital tool that we use every day to achieve business, athletic, and personal success.

We are now building our step two - a comprehensive training software for athletes - which includes anyone with a desire to improve their physical and mental fitness. 

Our mission

To provide our customers with the motivation they seek to pursue their dreams, and the tools they need to take them there.

Our vision

To become a leader in the pursuit of maximizing human potential.

Our core values

Our three core values challenge us to grow, and we challenge you to take part in the breakthrough:


The key to self discipline is thinking forward. We challenge ourselves and our customers to ignore instant pleasures. By staying on track and focusing on what truly matters, you are rewarded with a much more fulfilling, sustainable level of success. Sleeping in is great until you’ve seen the sun rise. 


There is nothing more dangerous than someone who wakes up every day with a purpose. We challenge ourselves and our customers to find their purpose and pursue it with a plan. Find your why and never forget it. 


Thoughts are a powerful source of change. The mind is a limitless tool that will make you or break you.  Train it to work for you, not against you. We challenge ourselves and our customers to make a consistent effort to learn how to calm and control their minds. The stories we tell ourselves about who we are will always come true.