Prologue I - The Moment Before It Starts

A luminescent sensation emerges at the centre of your body. You breathe in and it expands slightly, out and it leaves you. The feeling was hardly noticeable, but now you miss it, which is why your inhale grows slightly deeper with every expansion of your diaphragm. Like a candle in a dark room, birthing and dying out. You notice a change in your vision, everything is out of focus. You expect to feel concerned and afraid. But instead - you feel aware and content.

This heightened sense of awareness acts as a growth catalyst to the light inside you. Although your vision remains poor, the inward sense of clarity you feel is far more rewarding than any external perception you’ve ever felt prior. The dark room inside you that is walled by your skin, is now filled with a blinding light that you can feel at the tips of your fingers, toes, lips, and nose. As warmth pours out of your eyes like two rays of sun, your vision returns with the same divine level of clarity you had just felt looking inside yourself. If someone had been looking at your eyes, they would have seen such an enormous display of life and soul that they couldn’t help but absorb it. Be inspired by it. Be in awe. Wonder.

But you’re alone. You’re alone and for the first time in your entire life, you begin to feel one thousand emotions at the same time. Body and mind. Fully engaged in every feeling you’ve ever felt - you feel every single minute of life you have ever lived. You feel love. You feel fear. You feel hate. You feel calm. Sadness. Joy. Pain. Laughter. You feel it all. You close your eyes and see the sun go down. Your eye lids flutter and light flickers back in. It comes and it goes. You’re mind is still. Quiet. It feels like your standing in the middle of a lake, under an orange and purple sky. There’s no shore in sight. No sound.

Silence. One thousand emotions. Nothing.

The sound of your own breath breaks the silence. A long, slow, smooth exhale. Looking straight ahead - you open your eyes.